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houses by the sea in marche

Houses by the sea in the region Marche: the Adriatic Sea

Buying one of the houses by the sea in the region Marche is a highly appropriate choice for those who love nature. The Adriatic Sea, in those places, shaped beautiful sandy or stone beaches, with well-equipped beach resorts and breath-taking public beaches. The region Marche is one of the Italian regions and countries – think of... Read More
houses to restore in the region Marche

Houses to restore in Marche: your advantages at a glance

Whenever you speak about houses to restore in the region Marche, in the popular imagination you often think of non-recoverable old and worn-out ruins, which would probably be better to demolish and then rebuilt anew. Why then all these efforts in buying a house to rebuild? That is actually the wrong thing to do. Let us explain why.

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Villas and castles in the region Marche

Villas and castles in the region Marche: valuable heritage

Villas and castles in the region Marche have always represented a benchmark for aristocracy. Although at first the castle used to be the dwelling place of the king and a shelter for the king’s subjects, and then during the Fifteenth century it turned into the dwelling place for the Landlord in the countryside and more similar to the castles of the Middle Ages. The villa changed its location: not only could a villa be in the city. The villa in the countryside evolved gradually and was rediscovered by aristocracy, becoming a place for pleasure and laziness in replacement of the city residence.

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Houses by the sea

Houses by the sea: why choose the region Marche

The sea has always been alluring for man, if you think that waters cover two thirds of the planet we live in. Water represents life, its flowing and its path; so that it is quite clear that everyone who needs quiet and calm moments might think, among others, about the sea.

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rustic houses for sale in the region Marche

Rustic houses for sale in the region Marche

The countryside of the region Marche is deeply characterized by rustic buildings, a concept that today has a different connotation compared to the past. The word “rustic” comes from the Latin word rus, i.e. “countryside”, and it is mainly used as adjective to describe the connection to rural areas or, in its negative connotation, to describe something that is coarse, rough, unrefined.

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Visit Marche: the ancient folklore of the Carnival

Among the several good reasons for tourists from abroad and from other Italian regions to visit Marche – a multifaceted region and rich in history – there are: an incredibly beautiful, rich and multiform landscape of wild sea, the snow-clad mountains and the gentle hills, the strong culinary traditions and typical local products – referring to the practical stuff, but also (and sometimes particularly) the creative excellences.

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Country houses for sale

Houses in the backcountry, especially those typical farmer’s houses in the Italian Region Marche dating back to the sharecropping period, are surrounded by a magical, welcoming and informal atmosphere, that still today remains, a fascination tied to the past traditions, times that seem so far away, but it was less than one century ago.

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Cuisine of the Italian region Marche in winter

The region Marche has a strong relationship with the territory and its richness, generations of men and women profited exclusively from what the land could give them, so that the cuisine of the Italian region Marche is vast and powerful, calling on ancient tastes and distant preparations, using raw materials that come from farming.

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restoration of farmhouses

Stone farmhouses: an ancient material

Stone is an archaic, solid and compact material. Its view gives you a feeling of unconditional safety, thanks to its typical severe and unbreakable shapes. You can feel sheltered inside the stone walls, so that stone farmhouses have always represented a fascinating and handy solution.

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the hills of the Region March

Among the hills of the Region Marche with Fellini

The Region Marche is multi-colored from an environmental point of view, even though through the years it was unfairly almost completely ignored by arts, literature and mostly by the movies, since other places were chosen. In common belief it is deeply known this concept, even if it is not actually true: there were some very... Read More

Landscape of the countryside

Nowadays the typical example of the landscape of the countryside in the region Marche, which is notoriously represented in portraits of Dukes of Montefeltro in the paintings by Piero della Francesca or in frescoes by Raphael, is to find rising upon the hills driving from the Adriatic coast on the back,

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Fireplace: heating and tradition

Autumn has arrived, making leaves brown and air cold. In the region Marche weather is becoming uncertain, rain is more likely, and heating systems at home, like a wood burning fireplace, becomes necessary.

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The medieval borgo

Continuity in time and variety in space are the two main features that drive history of medieval borgo and its countryside: history includes industry and arts, music and poetry, agriculture, rural and civic economy, manuscripts miniatures, the expertise of architects, painters and medical doctors.

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Civil plaster and Venetian plaster

Civil plaster is the outward layer. It is applied to protect the wall but also to give a refined and pleasant touch to the surface. The sand that is used for the civil plaster is very thin and the width of the layer is not more than 3 mm.

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Restoration work: splendor of villas

Villas, country houses and ancient buildings carry out a strong charm on everyone who loves the most beautiful architectural structures, especially if they keep visually their history and signs of old times, thanks to an expert restoration work.

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The ideal villa

Last week we wrote about the emergence and devolopment of the concept – completely Italian – of the rustic villa and its modification through time. This post id about the ideal villa,

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