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Stone farmhouses: an ancient material

restoration of farmhouses

Stone is an archaic, solid and compact material. Its view gives you a feeling of unconditional safety, thanks to its typical severe and unbreakable shapes. You can feel sheltered inside the stone walls, so that stone farmhouses have always represented a fascinating and handy solution.

Remeber that stone used to be to be the early raw material that made shelter against bad weather and wild nature dangers, the early although weak and basic material for building homes. From Stonehenge times up to our suggestive cathedrals it’s easy to fin alla round the globe some powerful examples of its use and, mainly, its resistance in time.

The process of manufacturing, despite the stone being undoubtedly a massive element, is very delicate and requires great care and experience. From the extraction of large blocks to polishing and buffing, it is a marvelous and exceptional experience when the finished product comes out from the raw material.

Stone, in addition to its excellent performance in terms of durability and reliability, helps thermal insulation, since it does not disperse heat and contributes to the well-being of the inhabitants in a completely natural way, so that it is a pleasure to live in the family environment even during colder winters, maybe in front of a fireplace. Fresh in summer and warm in winter, stone farmhouses show the starting point, the deepest roots of our past that melt together into a higher and still modern aesthetics.

Casale in pietra sui colli di Apiro (MC)

This beautiful property is located in the lush countryside of Apiro
A farmhouse for sale in the Conero Park, in an uncommon white stone
Ca’ Bacola fra Vigne, stone farmhouse with swimming pool

Our region Marche shares a deep connection with closest concepts of tradition and history, so that you can enjoy counless examples of stone houses and stone farmhouses, both renovated – with its main features highlighted, and newly built – refined and modern, but in both cases  they keep a deep contact with past.

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