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Villas and castles in the region Marche: valuable heritage

Villas and castles in the region Marche

Villas and castles in the region Marche have always represented a benchmark for aristocracy. Although at first the castle used to be the dwelling place of the king and a shelter for the king’s subjects, and then during the Fifteenth century it turned into the dwelling place for the Landlord in the countryside and more similar to the castles of the Middle Ages. The villa changed its location: not only could a villa be in the city. The villa in the countryside evolved gradually and was rediscovered by aristocracy, becoming a place for pleasure and laziness in replacement of the city residence.

Both villas and castles are buildings that evolved across the centuries, and their functions transformed into something new and different, especially from the Renaissance up to now.

In order to preserve its long history made by noble dynasties and customs, its luxuriant landscape and green hills, the region Marche has always allowed the maintenance and the re-use of ancient villas and castles across the territory. Nowadays there are several advantages in living inside an old-times building, in addition to the obvious largeness of spaces and the undisputable aesthetical beauty.

Firstly, the walls of a villa or a castle can tell the history of the place and it is an important piece of the puzzle that is our past. The building itself is the testimony of an architectural idea that perfectly fits into the surrounding landscape, that belongs to the past and its traditions. Actually a property that is an architectural work of art.

In addition to the historical-artistic and architectural value, it is important to notice that those buildings are located in the countryside, in a privileged position compared to the frenzy modern world and its traffic jam, permanent noises and the lack of quietness. The region Marche is a particular area, a rare example of a territory that offers in a few square kilometers’ area the seaside, the mountains and the lowlands, cities and ancient borgos. The privileged position refers also to the breath-taking and romantic panoramas that stand out and you can enjoy from the local properties.

One last and valuable advantage is the opportunity to modify the use of the residential building in accordance to your needs. Sometimes you do not need a permanent residence nor a holiday house, but maybe a place to become an accommodation facility, such as a B&B, a Guesthouse or a Hotel. If this is the case, then nothing is better than a villa surrounded by the green landscape with every necessary comfort to be appealing.

There are several opportunities, and there are several villas and castles for sale in the region Marche: Marche Country Homes offers a selection of these properties to its customers with enthusiasm and reliability. Our staff will guide you to the right choice, and will support you through the restoration (if necessary) of the building, with respect to the local traditions.

Villa Soave, immobile storico nelle Marche

Villa Soave, built in the Nineteenth century, rises upon a hill with a view over the mountains and the Adriatic Sea and over the city Jesi, which is only 5 km far

Ville e castelli nelle Marche - Giro di vento

Giro di vento, i.e. Wind shift” used to be a monastery built in the Tenth century A.D., a precious gem immersed into the wild and lush nature of Montefeltro.

Villa Scalco a San Severino Marche

Villa Scalco in San Severino Marche represents a rare and perfectly maintained example of aristocratic architecture of the Eighteenth century in the region Marche

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