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Porto Recanati’s brodetto

Porto Recanati and its brodetto

Porto Recanati’s brodetto

Marche is a multifaceted region with a long maritime tradition that is privileged and its results are to be found in traditional food. Among the most famous seafood recipes, the brodetto of Porto Recanati is one of the oldest (and inviting) proof of ancient folklore: this typical fish soup is the result of ancient maritime stories and professions.

Porto Recanati is a municipality with averagely 12 thousand inhabitants in the province of Macerata. Which is its greatest peculiarity? It is located seafront and it is the most northern municipality of the province. It is by the Mount Conero and it is mainly flat, with rocky coasts and wide sea bottom, extremely ancient are its origins, probably it was funded in the Bronze Age.

You can enjoy the stunning panorama and the good effects of the sea over your body and mind. Anyone who visits Porto Recanati understands the strong relationship between the city and its biggest economic resource: fishing. Fishing has been for centuries the main bread of life of the community, and even if today it is not the only industry, it remains important. The culinary tradition of Porto Recanati is deeply influenced by this element, and its traditional dish is the proof: brodetto, i.e. a local fish soup.

Porto Recanati’s brodetto is one of the four typical recipes for traditional brodetto of the region Marche (together with Fano, Ancona and San Benedetto del Tronto). This recipe used to be the dish for seamen; it is a fish soup, it recently includes shellfish, crustacean and white fish. The magical touch, which makes this dish so different from other similar recipes, is the zafferanella, which is a typical wild saffron that grows in the Conero area, no tomato is used for the preparation. Porto Recanati dedicates one week to brodetto, with a celebration called “la settimana del brodetto (Brodetto’s week)” which takes place every year in the first week of June. It is well worth a visit to taste exquisite food and especially brodetto.

Porto Recanati is a maritime city with cultural and historical heritage locations, a quiet and lively place, because of celebrations especially during the summer. If you want to visit farmhouses for sale in the area of Porto Recanati (while tasting some excellent Porto Recanti’s brodetto!), we at Marche Country Homes are at your disposal to help you in the visit.

casa sul mare a Porto Recanati

Renovated house by the sea in Porto Recanati, in a central area and close to the Conero Riviera

Il baretto della torre sulla via per Recanati

Along the road to Porto Recanati, The Small Café By The Tower represents an unusual but inviting offer, in the spirit of Marche Country Homes

Casale del Conero, con vista mare

Farmhouse of the Conero is located in the heart of the Conero Park, with sea view and a plot of land in a stunning area

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