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San Marcello and the Telephone Museum

San Marcello and the Telephone Museum

Getting to know the region Marche: the Telephone Museum in San Marcello

Curiosity and history immersed into the green landscape

The Telephone Museum is described as “one of a kind!” reading through the comments on Trip Advisor, and this is actually true. San Marcello is a town in the province of Ancona, immersed upon the green hills of the Esino Valley and characteristically surrounded by its medieval city walls, with fortified towers that you can visit. The town was founded in 1234 by some citizens of Jesi (which is only 9 km far from San Marcello), and today there are few more than 2 thousand inhabitants.

Instead of its population, San Marcello is a magical place to spend your time. Well connected and close to the city of Jesi and other famous towns of the region Marche where you can easily find several amusements and attractions. This borgo is a peaceful island where time stands still: Palazzo Marcelli is well worth a visit, a Renaissance building and the Church of Santa Maria del Rosario, and then you can taste the local excellent food of the Esino Valley!

San Marcello is actually famous in the region Marche and also abroad because of a small treasure, that is well hidden inside Palazzo Marcelli, we’re talking about the Telephone Museum. With an exposition of more than 200 pieces, including vintage phones (the mojority is perfectly working!) and modern phones, the collection is located in the Bel étage‎ (first floor) of the Palazzo and covers more than 200 years of history, starting with the ancient and famous Meucci phone (1871) and several telephones coming from everywhere. The idea came from the collector and restorer Giuseppe Renzini who started collecting telephones in the mid-1950s during his trips and then the Municipality of San Marcello involved into his activity, arranging a collection that makes many visitors dream.

The region Marche is a place to discover and live, and the Telephone Museum in San Marcello is an indisputable proof of that! We at Marche Country Homes will help you in choosing the right farmhouse for you.

Casale San Marcello

Casale San Marcello, a typical farmhouse of the region Marche with an outdoors stairway built in the early Twentieth Century; it is a farmhouse to restore even though it is in good structural conditions

Casolare delle Stella vicino San Marcello

The Farmhouse of the Stars looks over the sun and the horizon. It is quite large and to restore averagely 250 square meters on more floors

Casa a Belvedere Ostrense, vicino San Marcello

Casa Valle Eudomia is located in a discreet and cozy location, in a pleasant valley with several fruit trees and vineyards

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