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The ideal villa

Last week we wrote about the emergence and devolopment of the concept – completely Italian – of the rustic villa and its modification through time. This post id about the ideal villa,we would like to tell you how the concept spread abroad and lateri t developed alla round the world, keeping its original Italian word in other languages.

Many books and pamphlets on villa architecture were published during the Renaissance and above them “I quattro libri dell’architettura (The Four Books of Architecture)” published in 1570 by Venetian humanist and architect Andrea Palladio. In one of the four books Palladio described the prototype of the ideal villa. Its modern design includes the application of the humanist concept of the “otium” together with fixed architectural rules, its reinterpretation of ancient Roman balance, and the presence of the ancient temple on the facade.

The treatise written by Palladio spread alla round the world between the Seventeenth and the Eighteenth Centuries becoming the actual description of the concept of the villa, to whom many foreign architects used to get inspiration and influencing buildings in many countries: from Belgium to the USA. Palladio’s reinterpretation was particularly interesting since it melted Roman classical style and Neoclassicism features, such as magnifiscent frescoes on the walls.

This kind of villa fits into the cathegory of historical houses. In our Region Le Marche – as well as in the whole Italian pensinsula – it is not uncommon to find examples of villas in cities and in the old towns of villages, even though you can find them also in rural areas.

Tourists and foreign hosts living in Italy are particularly fond of – rural or urban – Italian villas, this is the reason why our Real Estate Agency Marche Country Homes offers the most suggestive villas for sale or for rent for our customers.

villa collegrato ideal villa

One of our ideal villa close to the sea; Villa Collegrato

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