Landhuizen: Artikelen & Nieuws

Een huis met omliggend terrein: hoe u er het beste van kunt maken

Elke pand heeft zijn eigen bijzonderheid: er zijn huizen van verschillende grootte in het achterland, in de buurt van de zee of in het stadscentrum … en dan zijn er de huizen met bijbehorend terrein, een haast op zichzelf staande categorie.

Een huis restaureren: okm hier meer te weten

Overweegt u een huis te kopen dat gerestaureerd moet worden ? Of heeft u de te renoveren huizen in de Marche op onze site gezien, maar bent u bang dat het een enorm verlies van geld of tijd zal zijn?

Fireplace in the region Marche

Autumn has arrived, making leaves brown and air cold. In the region Marche weather is becoming uncertain, rain is more likely, and heating systems at home, like a wood burning fireplace, becomes necessary.

The medieval borgo

Continuity in time and variety in space are the two main features that drive history of medieval borgo and its countryside: history includes industry and arts, music and poetry, agriculture, rural and civic economy, manuscripts miniatures, the expertise of architects, painters and medical doctors.

Conservatories / Orangeries

Conservatories are magical rooms, they allow people to live outdoors without suffering from the outside temperatures.

Civil plaster and Venetian plaster

Civil plaster is the outward layer. It is applied to protect the wall but also to give a refined and pleasant touch to the surface. The sand that is used for the civil plaster is very thin and the width of the layer is not more than 3 mm.

Rural houses – plasters

Rural houses are notoriously built in bricks or in local stones, usually their walls are never perfected but most of the times they are left untreated, or rustic. 

The ideal villa

Last week we wrote about the emergence and devolopment of the concept – completely Italian – of the rustic villa and its modification through time. This post id about the ideal villa,

Rustic villa: an entirely Italian concept

The concept of the rustic villa developed in Italy, especially in the central Italian regions, and its features changed across history.

The garden: agreement between dream and reality

Nature is somewhat stunning and so are the scents and fragrances it emanates. Fresh cut grass, fresh lavander or rosemary, sweet perfume of a flower or the wet smell of dew:

The swimming pool: a beach in the countryside

The Summer season has just begun and the Region Marche turns itself into a colorful place full of quivering and shiny shades.