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The garden: agreement between dream and reality

Nature is somewhat stunning and so are the scents and fragrances it emanates. Fresh cut grass, fresh lavander or rosemary, sweet perfume of a flower or the wet smell of dew: countless arethe olfactory pleasures you enjoy if you own a house with garden.

During the summer as well as during the winter, the garden is a precious resource to use in several ways, especially during the holiday and your spare time: barbecue with friends, evenings with family, the opportunity to have your dog free to run in the open air, the value of getting in touch with nature and relax, meditate or simply read a good book. The garden – if it well kept – gives your house an added feature that makes every property beautiful and joyful, so that also its inhabitants are happy to live.

The region Le Marche, thanks to its key geographical position, offer a large variety of houses and country houses for sale or for rent, with large green areas, the closes alternative to the city offers a beautiful garden.

German journalist Gabriele Tergit wrote that “sitting in a garden is a dream, a dream for quietness and calmness after the day’s work, after the year’s work, after a lifetime’s work”. Our staff at Marche Country Homes totally agrees to this quotation. In a garden just like in a dream everything is stronger and a bit more possible, almost magical. If you’re looking for a short escape from reality, or a green relaxing space to share with your family, we are sure that a house with garden will not disappoint you.

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