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Rustic villa: an entirely Italian concept

The concept of the rustic villa developed in Italy, especially in the central Italian regions, and its features changed across history.

During roman times the rustic villa used to be a group of buildings located in the countryside, related to agricultural production. There the “dominus” (i.e. the lord) had a property for his “otium”, that is a place to relax far from business and the chaotic city. During the Middle Ages the rustic villa represented mainly a place to take shelter in case of war, while during the Renaissance it turned into a a pleasant dwelling for holiday.

From Tuscany, across the Regions Le Marche, Latium and south-bound towards Campania, then back in the Northern areas of Milan and Mantua: the modern concept of the rustic villa spread across the Italian peninsula and also abroad, becoming what we think today as a luxurious single-family house with a large / small plot of land.

There are several fascinating and renovated villas in the Region Le Marche, because of its typically rural landscape and countryside, including garden and sometimes modern swimming pools.

At the Real Estate Agency Marche Country Homes we are intensely connected to the history of our region and our local noble villas deep in the green landscape that we offer to our customers. Our villas for sale are uncommon jems in their history and architecture, for all those who dream about living a summer holiday out of tracks and also for those who are looking for a new house with a unique character.

From Jesi to San Severino Marche, from Pesaro to Urbino, we offer many possibilities, so have a look at our website, section “Villas and Castles”!

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