Paradise in Le Marche

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Paradise in Le Marche

Arcevia (Ancona) - Марке€ 138,000
Год: 1820
Общая площадь: 120 sqm
Крытая площадь: 120 sqm
спальни: 2
В ванных комнатах: 2
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Picturesque block of flats looking over a beautiful view of the countryside of the city of Arcevia.

We sell this property which is completely restored also in its details, located in a quiet medioeval hamlet, old times’ atmosphere, where sociality is living in harmony with everyone sharing the surrounding nature.

Here you can enjoy life: fresh air, genuine food and just enough peace.  Just like a paradise!

Here are the details of the house on two floors: on the ground floor there’s a large dining room overlooking the main square outdoors where you can eat outside, a bathroom, shower and sauna, wine cellar. On the first floor there’s a large kitchen and a living room with a stunning view over the landscape! On the second floor there are two double bedrooms and 1 bathroom. Systems are built in accordance to the law, methane heating system, municipal water, electricity. In the village there is also a grocery store. The shores of Senigallia are 30 km far, only 30 minutes away with good road.

Marche Country Homes

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