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Rif. 08

Aso дом

Campofilone - Марке€ 980,000
Год: 2010
Общая площадь: 57105 sqm
Крытая площадь: 486 sqm
спальни: 5
В ванных комнатах: 4
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Located upon a hill overlooking the Adriatic Sea, Farmhouse Aso is just a couple of kilometers from the beaches of the southern Marche, as well as from the Val d’Aso, an area that is famous for the production of well-known Ascoli olives.

Farmhouse Aso near Campofilone

On the side there is a magnificent forest of secular conifers, while from the north you can admire the coast, the town by the sea, and on the west side you can enjoy the view over the Sibillini Mountains and to the south the ancient Church of Santa Maria d’Intignano with its green forest pedestal.

Farmhouse Aso has been completely rebuilt and transformed from a rural building into a modern residential building with all comforts, made in exposed stonewalls and plaster, to keep its traditional features. A private avenue of olive trees and cypresses leads to the house surrounded by dry-stone walls made of local stone. You can get the feeling of being in Southern Italy (we are near the line of the 43rd parallel of Greenwich) and historically the ancient Picentes inhabited this area. The structure of the house is strictly earthquake-proof and the recent earthquake has not affected its structure in any way.

The house is divided as follows.
On the ground floor: living room with fireplace, large kitchen, large entrance hall, bathroom and dressing room, three porches that lead to a terrace in front of the maritime panorama.
On the first floor, there are five bedrooms and three bathrooms with shower and bath, two panoramic balconies.
Total square footage of the house is 386 sqm.
The Outbuilding covers a surface of 100 square meters. The agricultural plot of land is mainly used as an olive grove, which now produces the famous Ascoli olives for sale. The whole property is facing the Adriatic sea, so that it looks like a moving poem.

The plot of land covers almost 6 hectares (57,105 square meters). 9660 square meters is registered as “area for residential and touristic development” because the municipal plan acknowledges to the plot of land its touristic and natural value that can be used for buildings up to 2765 cubic meters, that could be divided into more detached houses, that is to say four or five small villas with more apartments.

The location of the property is Campofilone. It is a town of about 2000 inhabitants located in the province of Fermo, with a beautiful old town where you should visit the abbey of San Bartolomeo, the archaeological liturgical museum, the Church of San Patrizio and the Church of Santa Maria d’Intignano, the latter just outside the village and surrounded by a beautiful forest.

The beach at Campofilone is located between Tre Camini and Porta Nina and it is mainly a public free beach.
Campofilone is famous for the production of the famous maccheroncini pasta, a very thin egg pasta that comes from an ancient tradition that is preserved from mother to daughter.


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