Pian dell’Orto Boerderij in Filottrano

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Pian dell’Orto Boerderij in Filottrano

Filottrano (Ancona) - Marche€ 220,000
Jaar: 1800
Volledige oppervlakte: 5000 sqm
Overdekte ruimte: 330 sqm
Slaapkamers: 6
Verzoek info

This farmhouse in Filottrano, in the province of Ancona, is located upon a hill in the region Marche with a stunning view over the landscape and the extraordinary rural environment. The building keeps its original details so that renovation works could really help them emerge to make the house a unique piece of architecture.

The house is an interesting architectural example in the region Marche, an ancient “casa colonica” in brickwork, that offers a timeless experience thanks to its ancient features that are the essential features of the peasants’ traditions in the region Marche. There are architectural and decorative elements that are evocative and fits perfectly into the natural landscape, its materials remind of familiar paintings and of the idea of the countryside of the Marche.

The farmhouse in Filottrano covers a surface of averagely 330 square meters on three floors and now there are six bedrooms. Since the house needs to be restored, there is the opportunity to reuse the available spaces and re-organize them in accordance to the buyers’ needs.

In the courtyard there is a large agricultural outbuilding registered at the Cadastral Office, and it needs to be restored as well, and could be rebuilt in a more modern way, in contrast to the external area. The courtyard is on flat land and covers a surface of 5000 square meters. You could also buy a larger plot of agricultural land to build a swimming pool or other open-air amusements.

Available services include water and electricity.

The road is in very good conditions. The town of Filottrano is very close to the house, well known for its medieval walls that surround the city, and offers the main services: restaurants and cafés, shops and supermarkets, post-office and schools. In relation to the seaside, the shores on the Adriatic coast can be reached by car or by motorbike only few km far from the house: it perfectly fits anyone who is looking for a location that is a compromise between the quiet countryside and hills and the amusing life of the seaside towns.

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